Puerto Plata Real Estate

We offer a relaxed lifestyle in this amazing Dominican Republic area for those looking for well-priced Puerto Plata Real Estate. San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Puerto de Plata, often referred to as simply Puerto Plata, is the capital of the Dominican province of Puerto Plata, and is the eight largest city in the country. Puerto Plata Real Estate serves as one of the most important trading ports of the Dominican Republic.

In Puerto Plata beach resorts are all-inclusive with good prices. Take a cable car to reach the top of Mount Isabel de Torres, enjoy a concert in an auditorium overlooking the Atlantic or visit the fortress of San Felipe, the sixteenth century. It explores the waterfalls of the damajagua river, very close; Snorkel in the vicinity of the beautiful island of Cayo Arena or play golf in a spectacular setting. Then discover the neighboring towns of Cabarete, center of kitesurfing, and Sosúa, which enjoys a very picturesque beach.

Puerto Plata real estate

The right of ownership and in the Dominican Republic  real estate operations are governed by the Constitution of the Republic, the Civil Code, Law 108-05 of Real Estate Registry and its regulations, and Law 5038 of 1958 and its amendments, which regulate the Condominiums or, as they are denominated in some Spanish speaking countries, the horizontal property or communities of proprietors.

Puerto Plata Real Estate

Steps to follow in a purchase in Dominican Republic Real Estate

• Dominican Republic Real Estate Preliminary aspects: Unlike other countries where sellers and buyers generally sign a private agreement or document without prior legal advice, in the Dominican Republic it is advisable for the buyer to take over a specialized office in real estate matters before signing any agreements or disbursing Funds, due to the particularities of the Dominican real estate law. The law firm empowered to take the necessary steps and checks to ensure the protection of the rights of the buyer before signing the preliminary contract of sale, generally called a promise of sale, or alternatively, will prepare the promise of sale first, but Conditioning its execution to the results of the pertinent legal verifications

• The promise of sale: Most Puerto Plata real estate Transactions begin with the signing of a promise of sale or purchase option, in which the buyer delivers a deposit, advance or reservation to the seller or to a third party, And the seller agrees to sell his property to the buyer according to the terms indicated in the promise or option. The contract is signed by the parties in the presence of a notary, who testifies that the signatures were placed in his presence. The promise or option should contain a detailed description of all relevant aspects of the negotiation, such as the description of the property, the sale price, the form of payment, the guarantees, the causes of resolution, etc., as their function Is to regulate the sale from its beginnings until the payment of the price is completed and the definitive contract of sale is signed, which will serve to transfer the property to the buyer. A well-worded promise must contain the following information and minimum mention:

(A) Full and general names of the parties. If the seller is married, your spouse’s signature will be required.
(B) Cadastral description of the property being sold.
(C) Sale price and method of payment.
(D) Termination clause in case of breach of payment, if agreed.
(E) Date of delivery of the property.
(F) List of legal and environmental checks that must be carried out regarding the condition of the property and condition of payments to the positive result of said checks.
(G) Obligation of the seller to sign the Purchase Agreement upon receipt of the full payment of the sale price.

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